Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can India Adopt China's Success Story To Boost Domestic Tourism

It is the high time to increase India's domestic tourists traffic in the country. This will help boosts up the economy and provide more employment and investment opportunities in the rural and semi urban areas in the country.

Well all in the travel and tourism industry believe that India has wealth of historical and heritage sites to allure the travelers, but yet our share is not that good. Infrastructure and facilities especially in the metropolitan cities can increase and can contribute to the flow of Inbound tourism.

Various steps taken by China to increase Domestic Tourism : -
China introduced special offers in various states and regions to woo the domestic tourists. Most of the State Tourism Minister issued discount vouchers for domestic tourists. Nanjing the popular city in China offered coupons worth $ 3 million to subsidize the tour packages or discounted admissions to the scenic destinations. In the city of Chengdu has issued 20 million tourists discount cards , which can be used to 11 different spots. The city of Hangzhou issued such vouchers in the city of Shanghai at the banks and the response was so great that it almost created riot to get the vouchers.

Student Hostels in China : In China large number of student hostels have been established so that students can travel after their graduation. Due to the poor job opportunities in the country students in China prefer domestic travel rather than abroad.

Rural Tourism : Village tourism is quite popular in China. People in China are more interested in adventure tours such as trekking and climbing, but are also eager to stay in villages at the farm houses, eating simple and fresh food from the fields. This has helped farmer to increase his daily income and thereby increasing the village tourism in the country.

Tourism Ministry in India is association with Regional Tourism, Tour Operators Transport Service Providers, Hospitality Industry can also launch such offers to increase inbound tourism in the country. This will create immense employment, boosts he domestic tourism, improve infrastructure and create the job opportunities in the rural areas.

Aparana Chauhan


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